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August 21, 2005
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Photosmart M307
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Aug 17, 2005, 4:27:19 PM
drinking horns by Laerad drinking horns by Laerad
Drinking horns with leather fittings and beads. Inside treated with beeswax. They were displayed for sale at a medieval event.

EDIT : More details

top : leather lacing braided on leather band (my favorite)
2nd : celtic patterns painted with gold paint on a dark read leather band
3rd : pewter swirls with brown beads (I have a limited supply of those pewter pieces, I have some bronze colored ones too, not sure If I have enough silver ones for another horn like that)
bottom : XXXX stitching with linen thread, the word Frey (fertility god) in runes is stamped on the top band (not really visible from this angle) and the rune Jara (Harvest) is on the bottom band.

I do comission horns. These ones were all sold, but it gives ideas of what can be done. I normally work with what the shape, color and size of the horn inspires me. These ones are on the smallish size, they will hold about 350 mL of beverage. Bigger ones are available, yet a little harder to find. Please look in my gallery for other horns and rune amulets for samples of leather colors and design ideas.
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DragonKira Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2010
Wow!!!! I wanna be there!!!:D Can I ask you what kind of horns do you use to make them?
Eldiiria Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2006   Photographer
m I have a horn but it's not for drinking. :p
Koholint Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow! You made these yourself? :O_o: They're awesome! Fanciest drinking horns I ever saw! =P
omarovski Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2006
hi, i saw some brilliant knives in iceland that had orca tooth for a handle. i cant get that because it is rare and expensive. but those horns look grand and i think i can fit my own blade into something like that. what's the price tag on somethiing like that. a horn. preferably the base being no bigger than say 4 centimeters in diameter. (2nd oone down or the like)?
Laerad Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2006
I buy the horns already hollowed, sanded and polished at a leather supply store, and they are usually around 35$ canadian a piece.
omarovski Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2006
that is great. i guess you can mail it. i can pay for the mailing too. if the leather supply person can get you one that is polished but not hollowed it would be better. if not. i can still manage. how to pay?
Laerad Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2006
okay, I guess we can arrange something, since I need to go buy some horns for myself soon. Can you use paypal ? Also, let me know what size you need.
omarovski Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2006
Yes, i can use pay pal, and i can send you my address. is there a way to send me shots so i can choose the ones i want. you can pick out something specially for me, now that you know what i want. see : [link]
or check out my scraps
Laerad Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2006
okay, so from the picture, I figure you need a thin curvy horn. Unfortunately, I cannot go, take a picture and let you choose, as that would involve two trips to the store, which is quite far from my place, plus the one you choose might get sold meanwhile.

I suppose you'l be wanting a small horn too (as they are cheaper, and you will not use the full lenght anyway), so it won't be more than 35 $ canadian (taxes included). You might want to check in your own currency to make sure it is an amount you are willing to pay for a knife handle. As for the shipping, I am not too sure how expensive it could be. One thing I could do is saw off the end, to send you only the part you'll need, so shipping is cheaper. Smallish horns from that supplier tend to be about 12 inches long. Also, colorwise, they vary, but the tip (which is the part you'll use) is usually blackish in color.

But you could also perhaps use a sanded (but not polished) horn, and do the polishing yourself, as a sanded horn is usually cheaper. Have you checked any online suppliers ? Because I know the one I go to is not necessarily the cheapest.
omarovski Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2006
Thanks for the effort. I trust your choices. so if you can go ahead and send me two. one polished, and one not. Once you find out the mailing cost, let me know so i can pay you. i dont want to bother with suppliers. that is the whole point of deviant art. ;) My mailing address is:
C.O. Omar Safa. Badaro Trade Center. 1st floor. Badaro. Beirut. Lebanon.
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